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Linux Foundation Backed Hyperledger Blockchain Joins Forces with Ripple

In this week’s round up of blockchain news, Annaliese Milano of Coindesk reported about a new partnership between ledger startups, Ripple and Linux backed Hyperledger blockchain consortium.

Hyperledger announced Wednesday that Ripple is among fourteen companies to join the group, which first launched at the end of 2015 and to date has added more than 200 firms and organizations to its ranks.

ILP was previously only operable on JavaScript. However, Ripple entered into a collaboration with Japanese system integration company NTT Data last year to retool the protocol with the Java programming language.

“Through our partnership with Hyperledger, developers will be able to access Interledger Protocol (ILP) in Java for enterprise use,” Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas

The two companies subsequently submitted the revamped Java-based protocol to Hyperledger, under the new moniker Hyperledger Quilt.

“The Hyperledger Quilt project connects Hyperledger blockchains with other ILP-capable payment systems such as XRP Ledger, Ethereum, Bitcoin (Lightning), Litecoin, Mojaloop and RippleNet, helping us to deliver on our vision for an internet of value – where money moves as information does today,” Thomas described.

To start, the consortium is preparing to move three more open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platforms into version 1.0 status (currently there are only two platforms that far along), and launch its first-ever enterprise blockchain tool.

Collectively, these launches signify more than just milestones for the developers behind them but could help lay the foundation for a wide range of applications finally able to conduct enterprise-grade transactions.

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