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With the increase in demand for equity-based funding, Musharakah will aim to help alleviate the Islam banking industry and lead Malaysia into a new dimension of innovative and attractive product offerings. Musharakah: An Islamic term for partnership. It refers to two or more persons jointly owning an item or contracting jointly for profit Shirkat-ul-‘aqd: A partnership created through a contract. This can also be translated...
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THE HISTORY OF LOYALTY PROGRAMS Historically, loyalty programmes have existed since the 18th century, starting with “premium marketing”, a term coined by American retailers, that gave customers copper tokens with purchases redeemable for products on future purchases. In early 1900s, loyalty programmes underwent a transition, going from copper coins, to stamps, to clipping box tops or the likes of Betty Crocker’s coupons, printed on the...
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Dubai plays host to the second leg of the International Waqf & Blockchain Forum (IWBF 2018) – the first city in the middle east to do so. IWBF 2018 brings together the best minds to showcase new opportunities and possibilities available through the use of blockchain technology to help in the development and sustainability of Waqf. Finance is described as Islamic when it complies with...
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A fintech start-up based in Indonesia called Blossom Finance released a report concluding that Blockchain technology is consistent with the Sharia goal of reducing excessive uncertainty, according to a press release published Thursday, April 12. “Blockchain gives you mathematical proof of ownership and that’s overall much more in line with the spirit of Islamic finance than any digital fiat money.” President & CEO Matthew J....
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As more people are familiarizing themselves with blockchain, they are learning that the technology itself is not as volatile or unstable as was once thought. You’ve probably read a lot about how blockchain is a decentralized, digitized ledger where transactions are recorded publicly and chronologically. It is undeniable that the technology can inspire major changes in areas of business. Most wonder why it is so...
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