Endowment Chain

By applying Smart Contracts, Finterra’s Endowment Chain allows better management of the endowed gifts, allowing participants to create project proposals to develop and stimulate endowment properties.

Open Source Platform

The key to a sustainable and transparent ecosystem is a healthy open source community and active 3rd party developers. With that in mind, Finterra will facilitate the community with the necessary compartmentalization, documentation and standardized design patterns for its Open Source Platform.

Blockchain Integration

The Finterra Ecosystem is composed of the Finterra Hub and several product/service chains that interact with one another through the Finterra Inter-Chain Protocol to solve existing industry issues, ensure chain security and accommodate any business requirements.

Loyalty Points Exchange

Traditionally, customers view loyalty points as barely usable while merchants may face a large book liability that is difficult to offset.

The Finterra Loyalty Points Exchange is intended to solve both sides of this equation by providing an open marketplace where customers can exchange loyalty points for others which actually give value, and merchants can reduce book liability by providing market liquidity at a discounted rate.