Awards & Recognitions 2017

Malaysia Top Achievers Award (MATA) 2017

Finterra was recognized for Excellence in Fintech Blockchain at the Malaysian Top Achievers Award 2017 for its contributions towards sustainable nation building. The MATA Awards seeks to inspire and encourage local businesses to soar on the international scene with excellent products and services that indirectly promote Malaysia and the Islamic Social Economy. It celebrates achievers who have distinguished themselves by their foresight and determination and recognizes those who clearly anticipate the future needs of society in the economic sector which they operate.

Awards and Recognitions

MSMW Social Media Award 2017

Finterra was awarded the MSMW Social Media Award 2017 during the recent Malaysia Social Media Week 2017 (MSMW), held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The trophy, which was presented to Founder of Finterra, Hamid Rashid by the Communications and Multimedia Minister of Malaysia, is yet another testament of the skill, ingenuity, and vision of the Finterra team and management in developing its social media to promote Islamic Social Economy globally using blockchain technology.