Ensany Sadaqah Chain

With 1.3 billion people classified as poor, a lot of people are left in need. The serious lack of security and resources, in addition to the economic crisis and decline in financial support in charity gave rise to Ensany Sadaqah Chain. In collaboration with Finterra, it was formed to combat poverty, support and maintain charitable projects.

The Ensany platform offers aid in a number of critical areas including healthcare, education, community development, and environment, to name a few. With the help of blockchain technology, it ensures full transparency, accountability and direct reach to beneficiaries while also calculating the social impact being made through the donations.

Leveraging the blockchain technology will directly empower over one billion people who are currently living in poverty. Ensany is the safest way to reach beneficiaries, make an impact and ultimately change the lives of millions.


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Ensany is committed to empowering sustainable development for everyone. The power of blockchain will help drive a positive social impact, and accelerate progress towards sustainable development. Ensany’s causes and initiatives support and adhere to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in its objective to eliminate extreme poverty, fight inequality and fight climate change.

Ensany Sadaqah Chain

Support Ensany Global to further serve humanity on a global scale.