Finterra GALLACTIC Blockchain
Finterra has developed a concrete architecture that can resolve previous challenges and limitations faced by other existing blockchains, while also addressing the gaps in support for new and existing blockchain adoption scenarios in both existing and new businesses.

GALLACTIC Blockchain is a leading-edge state of the art technology architecture built with the next generation blockchain technology to support GALLACTIC’s open source development environment, ecosystem and interoperability initiative.

GALLACTIC Blockchain has its own built mainnet environment which is totally different from testnet.
The unique offering which GALLACTIC Blockchain offer is that it can interact currently with all EVM based blockchains around the world while being very modular which helps technology companies to use the replace and use pasts of the blockchain off the shelf. Blockchain components such as consensus algorithms, Smart contract engine etc can be swapped without mush of effort and can be used in a very modular manner and off the shelf.

GALLACTIC blockchain is offered in two modes:

Public Blockchain

Public blockchain users need to use future GTX tokens in order to run their transactions on the blockchain and also to deploy smart contracts on the blockchain.

Private Blockchain

Private blockchain companies are offered a complete end to end solution and pricing of such solution will be based on the scope of the project and pricing models can also change with different projects served and also the time and effort consumed for the project.

Finterra is also open to provide joint venture technology partnering if such a case arises for the implementation of the technology.

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