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User Subscriptions
to our digital wallet
500 mil
Available Tokens
for public to trade
500 mil+
Average daily
Volume Traded

Exclusive Smart Contract Fully

Optimized templates for the best in ERC token templates, so you can build the safest networks.

Developers Tools

Provides a large set of easy-to-use tools for fast and agile development of smart contract applications and personalized blockchains.

HubbleScan (Blockchain Explorer)

HubbleScan is a blockchain explorer that allows users to effortlessly watch the activities taking place on the GALLACTIC ecosystem.

Open Source Environment

Developing with GALLACTIC puts the cutting-edge blockchain technology at your fingertips, giving you limitless ways to bring incredible decentralized apps to users around the world.

Open Source Development Platform

A Revolutionary New Way To Build For Blockchain

A truly world-class development platform for the next generation of blockchain technology. Developing with Finterra puts cutting-edge blockchain technology at your fingertips, giving you limitless ways to bring incredible decentralized applications to millions of users across the globe. Our powerful open-source development platform offers unique opportunities to deliver never before seen user experiences to their apps, whilst maintaining the highest levels of integration.


Exclusive Smart Contract

Fully Optimized Templates.

The best in ERC token templates, so you can build the safest networks.


Drag & Drop Decentralisation

Build Apps With A Few Clicks.

Offers meaningful features and smart software optimisations.


Integrated Developers Enviroment

A Richer Coding Experience.

Intuitive, multi-faceted experiences that are genuinely seamless.


Feature-Packed API Libraries

Access APIs More Easily.

More robust, secure and easier to deploy onto the blockchain.

Develop Deploy


At FINTERRA we embrace this future development and have set out our mission to lead
transformation through mobility by becoming a globally trusted service provider with a strong local presence.

Smart Contract
E-commerce - point Exchange

Inspire the World

Our goal is to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technologies by becoming a globally-trusted service provider, in various industry verticals. We provides solutions for:

◎    Open Source Development Toolset
◎    Blockchain Developer Communities
◎    Blockchain-Based Project Development Services
◎    Islamic Fintech Solutions
◎    Digital Commerce / Loyalty Point Solutions
◎    Online Money Services Solutions
◎    Training and Certification Programs

Let's Grow

Join our award-winning team, and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal.

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