Loyalty Point Exchange

Loyalty programs from any merchant can grow from local to global and never-thought-of alliances between merchants become possible.

FINTERRA’s Loyalty Point Exchange solution provides consumers with a platform powered by GALLACTIC Blockchain, where the managing and accumulation of all the loyalty programs and reward points are run on a single platform.

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Loyalty Point Exchange

The FINTERRA Loyalty Point Exchange solution aims at providing fluidity and interoperability in the complex and fragmented points market. Fundamentally, it is about dissolving ‘silos’, and empowering users to seamlessly take advantage of their points, vouchers or gratifications of any kind, in an ecosystem that features different loyalty programs and multi-branded coalitions.

We will offer customers and merchants the opportunity to secure new partnerships, profit from new offers, through FINTERRA’s blockchain-based platform that ensures unparalleled traceability, superior program liability management, and dynamic issuance/redemption options that are customized for each unique relationship through smart contracts on the blockchain.

By way of adopting the FINTERRA Loyalty Point Exchange solution, loyalty programs from any merchant can grow from local to global and never-thought-of alliances between merchants become possible.

Customers will also benefit from a holistic view of their global purchases, by multi-brand coalitions, and by individual programs. Conversely, client intelligence and data provided by the FINTERRA Loyalty Point Exchange will allow points operators unparalleled interaction with clients and prospects, as well as enhanced flexibility in their offers.

One truth across the data privacies

Finterra has the firm intention to be part of this Smart Banking revolution.

When banks open up access to their data, customers will be able to see all of their accounts, investments, mortgages and pensions in one website or application known as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP).

Open banking will also see the introduction of Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs). PISPs will act as a bridge between the customer’s account and the retailer’s account, by-passing typical payment products.

The Smart banking revolution has started in the EU. It is now reaching Singapore, Japan and Australia and Hong Kong. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) as well as the Hong Kong Money Authority (HKMA) are both very vocal about encouraging financial institutions to adopt APIs as a key foundation layer for innovation and interoperability

"With annual growth expected to average the payments industry is expected to be a $2-trillion-dollar industry by 2020.”

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We believe our Loyalty Point Exchange will contribute to an ecosystem where consumers and clients are provided with rich transaction insights and data-driven personalized recommendations, not just in developed countries, but everywhere - as long as technology and regulation makes it possible.