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Reimagine the business of Money Services

FINTERRA’s Money Services will utilize FINTERRA’s future blockchain platform within the GALLACTIC ecosystem for all its services, allowing clients full transparency into their money-services transaction processing. FINTERRA’s Money Services is particularly valuable for clients trading in non-deliverable currencies.

How it works

FINTERRA’s Money Services global payment service will enable small and medium-sized businesses to safely access the world’s markets at costs previously available only to multinationals. With FINTERRA’s Money Services, SME’s can securely send and receive payments to and from abroad in any currency, safeguarded by smart contract technology and at the best exchange rates available.

What’s the potential ROI of Money Services Private Chain?

FINTERRA’s Money Services private chain enables you to transfer, borrow, and trade in any fiat currency, anywhere. With settlement times below 60 seconds, low transaction costs, and military grade security, the world’s financial markets are in the palm of your hand. The services built within FINTERRA’s Money Services will include the following:

How you benefit

Foreign Currency


Exchange and trade FX at the best rates on the market

Instant Money Transfer


Transfer fiat money across borders, instantaneously

Direct Payments


Pay vendors and services providers with the click of a button

Financing Services


Borrow money in any currency and pay back in the same currency or any other.

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"With annual growth expected to average the payments industry is expected to be a $2-trillion-dollar industry by 2020.”