Open source and gallactic blockchain technology

In general, software whose source code is made available for use free of charge, or modification and is usually developed as a public collaboration between developers is called Open Source. Blockchain, has been around since 2008 but it wasn’t until 2014 that people began to recognise that it could be utilised for much more than cryptocurrency, is the latest addition to the open-source development environment and due to its ability to provide a solution for issues like security, transparency, and digital trust is on at the bleeding edge of technological innovation.

And this is the space that GALLACTIC is aiming to fill in the coming years.

GALLACTIC’s team are fully committed to building an interconnected community as we believe this is the most important element in building a sustainable and transparent ecosystem, providing developers with the resources to build on the GALLACTIC blockchain driving value and building a strong technology platform.

GALLACTIC has undergone rigorous research, development, and testing in our efforts in building better developer tools to create a smooth open source development environment and an easy way to get started in blockchain development. In addition to that, GALLACTIC has open-source developer chat groups, tutorials, a dedicated block explorer, an Open Source development blockchain built and publicly permissioned to support a wide range of open-source projects.


GALLACTIC offers several easy to use tools for agile development of smart contract applications and personalised blockchain development.

  • Gnet: a Dapp framework
  • Emissary: Javascript API for network interaction
  • Gallactickeys: account generation, keystores, and account management
  • Hubblescan: a Gallactic Blockchain Explorer
  • Gallactic Developer Documentation
  • Gallactic Developer Chat
  • Gallactic Public Repository
  • Gallactic Smart Contract IDE
  • Gallactic Advanced Blockchain Development Toolset
  • Gallactic Open Source Development Blockchain

In addition, there is a large library of supported documents for core developers and various tools to help them for the development of use case business models using the blockchain technology.