Finterra Software Development

Custom Software Development Services

Finterra provides a full range of software development services to lead different markets, such us, financial system, supply chain system, tracking system, health, and education system. As a major player in the blockchain space, our services and global experts assist customers with actual software development, project management, testing, and integration of technology which is consider as one of the biggest challenges to any Software build.

Software Development

End-to-end software development services

Finterra provides end-to-end software development services including, custom solutions and products. Supplementing of in-house teams, technical support, integration of new technology with any provided infrastructure, testing, maintenance, and support.

Technology Expertise

Finterra Inhouse software development services are based on the latest technologies, proven methods, and business processes, and the expertise of our teams in:

◎ Simultaneous clearing and settlement
◎ Development frameworks, Angular4, Java Script, CSS, HTML 5
◎ Testing framework, JMeter, Computerise Top Testing Tools
◎ Cloud Computing software development: OpenStack, Amazon web Services (AWS)

◎ Graphic application framework; GWT, Angular JS
◎ Database; MySQL, Informix, PostgreSQL, MonogoDB
◎ Application servers; JBoss, Weblogic, OpenCloudRhino, Tomcat
◎ Mobile Web and desktop app technologies

“With annual growth expected to average the payments industry is expected to be a $2-trillion-dollar industry by 2020.”

Business application
& Software development services

→ Web application development

Productive development, engaging, secure web application with crows-browser compatibility and a responsive design is our speciality

→ Data Migration Services

Indusires need a very quick, efficient, and secure data migration service with no disruption to your line of business, our experts can help.

→ Mobile App Development

Our Solid Team of mobile App developers can help you grow brand engagement with an untaught, fast, creative, and interactive app.

→ Operational Systems

If your business has to adapt the processes or work around gaps in systems management or functionality, it could be time to consider a new operational system.

→ Software and Hardware integration

If your business needs to process data from specialist hardware, such us, readings from thermometer or measuring device, streaming video.

→ Legacy Software Modernisation

If you feel that you are spending money on a slow legacy IT system that doesn’t perform? We will build for your business modules a powerful replacement that helps, not hinders your business.

→ Internet of things IOT

IOT considers one of the today's technology modules, and it’s’ connecting everything from individual devices to smart city infrastructures. IOT is going to revolutionise your business as per well-proven concept.