Finterra Token Sales System
Finterra’s blockchain-based Token Sales System serves various domains such as E-Commerce, Islamic Waqf assets development system and Membership Management system. It aims to drive optimum utilization of technology for the betterment of traditional businesses while paving new inroads into uncharted territories such as the Waqf assets management. The Token Sales System is open, agile, robust, and scalable as well as secure, efficient and user friendly.
The architecture of the Token Sales System is based on cloud native patterns that have essentially enabled us to develop an application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms. These services are built around business capabilities and independently deployable by fully automated deployment machinery.

The Token Sales System is componentized into various tiers to enable easier visualization of the complex architecture:
Data Tier Application Tier GALLACTIC Blockchain TIer Extension Tier
RDBMS: optimized to be retrieved fast to create user-based views, internal validation, reporting, or analytics
Business Framework: Cloud native requirements like context and dependency injection, transparent data access, or easy deployment are reached through this Framework.
Smart Contract Framework: creates and automates governing business processes and contracts in a decentralized approach
E-Commerce Extension: An extension to enable E-Commerce systems to integrate with Token Sales System core and use the features provided by Token Sales System
NoSQL: used to create use case specific view models out of raw data
Token Sales System Cloud: offers a toolset that simplifies the usage of features such as discovery, distribution, and configuration, and allows us to choose the best solution based on the underlying infrastructure services.
Blockchain Transaction Framework: A blockchain data store for immutable absolutely final transaction data storage in a decentralized fashion
Membership Extension: An extension to enable Membership Management systems to integrate with Token Sales System core and use the features provided by Token Sales System
Message Queue: used to provide signals to parties which are interested in the change of data to build use case related sets of data
Core Components: We have built additional libraries to ease the usage and configuration of CQRS, security, and multitenancy
Waqf Extension: An extension to enable Waqf asset Management systems to integrate with Token Sales System core and use the features provided by Token Sales System
Benefits & Features
Blockchain Based Sales Orders Smart Contract Based Automated Governing High Security Comprehensive toolset E-Commerce, Waqf and Membership Integration
World’s first blockchain-based Token Sales System provides state-of-the-art security, enables publicly verifiable transaction history, and provides absolute finality of financial data that is immutable. Truly decentralised system providing new venues to explore in order to achieve better processing and maximising profits for businesses.
Automated business workflows in a decentralised architecture. Self-governing contracts helps reduce human intervention reducing costs for businesses. A comprehensive scripting language to write and deploy new and complex contracts and workflows with ease and within very short time span.
Military grade state-of-the-star security with SHA 256 and KKACK. Non decrypt-able hashing with high entropy. Enhanced security for the transactional data at high speed. Completely verifiable data. Public private key encryption for additional security. Last mile security with JWT tokens for access management.
An extensive tool set to create new products and applications on top of Token Sales System. The tools are very intuitive and user-friendly enabling businesses with minimum time to market. Tool sets to realise most complex business process workflows in minimum time and effort.
A comprehensive suite of extensions to exploit the power of blockchain-based Token Sales System. Automates most of the required services for E-commerce, Waqf asset management and membership management systems.

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