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Software Consultancy

Our extensive knowledge on the different dimensions of information technology enables us to advise you on your requirements and the feasibility of developing solutions to achieve your software goals.

Software Development

Our aim is to dispatch a unique experience in software development for our clients. We are passionate about supporting our clients in achieving their business goals and targets using our solutions.

Software Training

The training program at Finterra is a comprehensive introduction to the cryptographic method, technology and software development. We have a dedicated research team who are looking at the training segments.

Our Products

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Hotel Bookings

Hotel Bookings

Our system, rich in its feature, lets you book hotels online at the best prices. It offers a wide range of hotel deals from affordable accommodations to luxury hotels. We provide the best deals for over 4.5 million hotels worldwide.

Flight Bookings

Flight Bookings

Finterra plays a role as an online travel platform for flight bookings, both domestic and international ones. Finterra introduced this feature with the aim to offer convenient and quick flight booking for its users.



Through its platform, Finterra allows subscribers to exchange goods or services online without having to deal with issues of time or distance. All the merchandise shown are customized by the talented team.

Spend for Utilities


Make life easy when you pay your utilities using the Finterra app. It’s fast, easy & secure, and your payment will be processed immediately. All transactions are extremely secure and protected using 256-bit encryption.

Gaming Program

Gaming Program

The game development tool is completely modular and 2D GUI-driven. We provide a payment gateway which is 256 bit encrypted and is deployed on a blockchain for better security and accounting.

Rewards Program

Rewards Program

We value our customers and as a token of our appreciation, we provide an exciting rewards program. Participate in our web ecosystem and be rewarded with goodies which will enhance your shopping experience on our platform.

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Our Success Cases

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  • Points Exchange

    A loyalty exchange program that offers increased value to merchants, changing a system that sees points as liabilities and transforming them to assets.
  • Endowment Chain

    An endowment chain that crowdsources small amounts of capital from our Finterra community to raise capital for the development of charitable assets like endowment (Waqf).
  • Open Source Development

    Developers Environment

    A development environment that provides an open platform for individuals and organizations to foster collaboration and co-creation.

Transforming the way we use time, money and resources

Finterra’s blockchain platform provides users with financial freedom and independence. Empowering individuals to take control of their financial destiny.

Finterra strikes gold at MSMW 2017

“We are thrilled to win this award, it is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of our team here at Finterra.” Hamid Rashid, CEO of Finterra with Dr. Farhang Maghdeed, HOD for Technical Delivery

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