If you crave challenging work, ongoing opportunity for career growth, and rewards that make it all worthwhile, FINTERRA has the job you are looking for. Join a company that understands how important you are.

A job at FINTERRA is not just a job; it is the beginning of a career made by you which offers unique opportunities for personal and professional development, along with several benefits and a work culture that embraces diversity. So whether you’re looking for an internship, graduate opportunities, or a job opening to progress your professional career, at FINTERRA you can shape your own career path.

Our team

We recognise our long serving staff regularly. Long-serving staff is happy and motivated staff, with all the experience, training and skills that are gained over time – meaning our clients benefit from low staff turnover rates and high levels of contract continuity.

We are committed to providing an environment where our people want to give their best. Our training programmes not only equip our people with the skills needed to deliver best-in-class services, they also help them develop outstanding careers within


We proactively contribute to Industrial capabilities by maximizing individual and organizational capital.

We’re looking for true individuals. People with the courage to take chances. Who understand that making a difference takes passion, patience, and persistence.

The innovative products and solutions we develop would mean nothing if it is not shared with the world.

We are growing in so many different directions, offering so much potential to develop a portfolio career.

The pace displayed daily sets the bar high and our achievers measure themselves by expectations.

Our engineers are working, exploring, creating and implementing the next generation of information.


Contributing fresh ideas and offering unique perspectives is vital to the success of Industrial company.


Providing assurance to clients that their people, processes, and products are as safe and efficient as possible.