Finterra FINPay
FINPay is a new way of streamlining the payments process. It gives you the tools to sell items and take payments online, or in-person at your store, as well as allowing you to accept payments and transfer funds into a merchant account quickly. Enjoy the best features of modern-day e-commerce payment solutions; secure, customizable, quick, and easy-to-setup. Additionally, FINPay provides the following advantages:

Offers data analytics service which allows businesses to easily view sales data and analytics in real-time, providing insight that can help refine and improve operations for increased effectiveness and growth

Supports FINVault, Finterra’s e-wallet which enables the payment service providers a complete 360-degree payments capability

Supports Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Worldpay, and Mastero

With simple API integration that reliably scales to your needs and provides a positive user experience, track your app activity, search for transaction information, manage customers, and view key business insights within your dashboard

Why It Matters

The framework is supported by the following main tenants that enable the FINPay platform to be robust and scalable in payment industry:


It is necessary to assure privacy in the payments like bank account details and card numbers


There should be a way of identifying the customer’s bank accounts and the merchant bank account


It provides the high level of security to protect data of transactions


With our database technology, we provide industry grade data integrity


When a transaction takes place, the customer must be notified and the merchant must have confirmation. Our technology provides instant confirmation and surety for every transaction


Any third parties will not be able to access or view data such as payments

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