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Why Do Muslims Pay Zakat?

Author: In Am Nabila Binti Mohd Hashim

Zakat, as we know was mentioned together with the Salat in the Quran more than 10 times. When Allah orders the prayer, He also orders for Zakat. We see that it is definitely important but understanding, when we look at this beautiful verse of the Quran chapter number 9 versus 103, where Allah SWT tells Muhammad SAW:

“Take from their wealth, as a means of purification for them and causing them increase and pray for them, when your prayers serve as a reassurance for them, and Allah is all hearing and all-knowing”

Let’s look at these verses quickly that will explain to us why we pay zakat.

Firstly, Allah SWT tells Muhammad SAW, take from their wealth. So, this is an order which shows and implies the obligation. If it’s obligatory it shows the importance of doing that action. So, take from their wealth, that which is surplus, Islam considers that which is surplus as wealth and that’s important, because many will think that such as income tax, it takes from our yearly earnings. But Islam takes from your yearly surplus. That what you need to survive is yours, but that which is surplus after a lunar year is what you give from your wealth and that’s considered as wealth.

Nabi (Prophet) Muhammad SAW said, “To take from the wealth of the people that were around him as a means of purification”

When you give zakat as we learn linguistically in purification, and Islam technically it is a purification of your money. Because there is a surplus, that money or that amount is really not even yours. We understand the concept of Ar-Razzaq, the ultimate provider which is one of his names throughout the Quran, “He provided and gave that to you, and He wants you to give back”, as it means purification.

That charity does not decrease one’s money. When we’re doing actions of worship for Allah, we can not only rely on the tangible as we pray 5 times a day it is detaching and relying on the tangible things that we cannot see and touch. If I give for Allah, number one Allah going to provide for me and when I do that, He will cause an increase for me so I can give even more”.

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