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Creation And Administration Of Waqf

Author: In Am Nabila Binti Mohd Hashim

Once the property becomes a waqf it must not be sold or inherited or given away as a gift.

The founder has the right to give it to whom he likes, either to the public or to his family. In this case, Saidina Umar gave it to both, which is Waqf Mushtarak.

The founder can administer his own waqf, or he can appoint someone to administer it. He can also benefit from its revenue in a reasonable manner as long as he is alive.

To sum up, the founder of waqf appoints himself or a specified person as a trustee to manage the waqf property.

How the companions responded to Waqf?

It has documented by Al Humaidi and Al-Bukhari, who gave the names of all the companions who created waqf:

1. Abu Bakr RA endowed his house to his children;

2. Umar Al-Khattab RA endowed his land at Thamgh to his children;

3. Uthman Affan RA endowed his well Bi’ru Rumah;

4. Ali Abu Talib RA his land in Yanbu’;

5. Sa’d ibn Abu Waqqas his houses in Madinah and Egypt for his children;

6. Zubair ibn Al Awwam his houses in Makkah and Egypt and his money in Madinah for his children;

7. Omar ibn Al-‘As his house in Makkah for his children,

8. Hakim ibn Hizam his house in Makkah and Madinah to his children,

Moreover, most of the wives of the prophet (pbuh) created Waqf for the benefit of their relatives.

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