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Saving is good, investing is better…

Saving and investing are both important financial strategies, but they serve different purposes and have different benefits. Saving involves setting aside a portion of your income to be used for future needs or emergencies, such as unexpected expenses or a loss of income. Savings can be kept in a bank account, a money market account, or other safe and easily accessible forms of investment. Saving is important because it helps you to build an emergency fund and avoid going into debt when unexpected expenses arise.

Investing, on the other hand, involves using your money to purchase assets that have the potential to appreciate over time. This could include stocks, bonds, real estate, or other types of financial instruments. Investing is an important way to build wealth over the long term, as the returns on your investments can compound over time and grow significantly. However, investing also comes with risk, and there is always the possibility of losing money if your investments do not perform as expected.

In general, it is true that investing has the potential to provide greater returns than saving alone. However, it is also important to have a solid foundation of savings before you start investing. This will ensure that you have a cushion to fall back on in case of emergencies, and it will also help you to avoid having to sell your investments prematurely to cover unexpected expenses. So, while investing may offer greater potential returns, saving is still a crucial component of a healthy financial strategy.  Timing is one of the most important elements of making, saving and investing money in life, and the better time to start is your early 20s, because you have light years ahead of you. It is also noteworthy that one should diversify their investment. Don’t invest in only one asset.

Moving forward, one project which stands out currently in the sustainable investing sector is the Finterra Global Plantations project which is taking advantage of this great global demand for timber and meeting it with the sustainable farming of the Paulownia tree species, the world fastest growing.

The opportunity is in the form of Islamic Redeemable preferential shares and is very well regulated including gaining shariah compliance certificate for its structuring. The opportunity is short, only 40 months, and provides partners (investors) between 8-15% dividends per annum paid on a quarterly basis making them highly attractive as passive income.

By investing in such safe yet impactful opportunities, individuals can take their personal responsibility and make a positive impact to the environment while profiting as well. In the end, it’s a win-win situation. Those keen to learn more about this sustainable investment project, can log onto

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